Easy Ways To Style Your Scarf

Easy Ways To Style Your Scarf

For all those who say, "I don't know how to wear a scarf" or "I am not a scarf person?"

I am going to share simple tips for styling scarves. Sometimes, it's easier to keep it simple as we know we use something more when it's simple to use.

Starting with my everyday or "running errands" look, which is typically monochromatic, I add a pop of color in small doses to keep it digestible. I like scarves because they are a very versatile accessory. To me, versatility is value.
In this look below, I tied the scarf sash style to my bag for that pop of color and it worked!  Don't be afraid to mix and match. Pairing fancy with casual styles always lets you look effortlessly chic.

During Fall 2022 Paris Fashion Week, scarves were a popular accessory. Be it paired with a moto-style leather jacket or a hot-pink working-girl skirt suit, there was a scarf tied somewhere.

All-natural silk has another advantage: it's better for your skin and hair!

So enjoy looking and FEELING good.

Wearing the scarf around your neck is both super simple and surprisingly stylish—just wrap it around once or twice, depending on how much coverage you want, then tie it in the back or front with a knot or a bow (or just leave it hanging loose). It's perfect for shirts or V-neck tops, but also looks amazing with low necklines!


There's no doubt that a silk scarf is a versatile fashion accessory. I have shown you a few simple and easy styles.
Now I will show you how it can be worn as a top!
Yup, as a blouse. It's quite simple actually. You just tie two end together, put it over your head and then tie the other two ends on the back. or fold a scarf diagonally and tie it around your chest. Tuck the loose ends in your pants. Ready in minutes ;)
You can throw a jacket on top if you like or wear it as is. Choice is yours.
I personally love the feeling of styling my silk scarf as a top. It feels sexy and fun.
When not wearing it around you, you can add it to your bag. Tying it like a bow or wrapping it over the bag handles, adds softness to sometimes grittier look.
This style is really useful if your bag handles are starting to look a bit worn out.
Fun & functional :)
A day off warrants a more lax look—one that feels edgy and a little irresponsible, because why not?
Saving the best for the last :)

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