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We believe in the magic of colors – their ability to inspire, uplift, and influence us. At Metri Holliday, we artfully blend color science with fashion to create silk scarves that are a reflection of your vibrant personality while adding a splash of color in a monochrome world. Wrap yourself in luxury and let the softness of the silk and vibrancy of our prints lift your spirit.

Feel Good and Look Good

Why Choose Metri Holliday Natural Silk Scarves?

Our designer scarves are 100% natural silk scarves crafted from the finest mulberry silk, ensuring hypoallergenic properties, making it an ideal choice for those with sensitive skin.

Versatility + Value

Perfect for Any Occasion

A Metri Holliday natural silk scarf is the perfect accessory for any occasion. Whether you're dressing up for a formal event or adding a touch of elegance to a casual outfit, our scarves can effortlessly elevate your style. With their versatility and timeless appeal, they're a must-have accessory in any wardrobe.

Better for You & Better for the Environment

Sustainability and Responsibility

At Metri Holliday, we are committed to sustainability and responsibility. We source our silk from ethical suppliers who prioritize the well-being of the environment and the communities they operate in. Our production process is also eco-friendly, ensuring that our scarves are not only beautiful but also sustainable.

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Our Persian Art Collection | Designer Silks

Our Royal Art women silk scarf collection is inspired by the beauty of Mughal art. With its roots in Persian culture and influences from Indian artists around the 16th-18th century, this style has some of the richest artistic heritage in history! The detailed design work on these silk scarves, women can celebrates the intricacy, sensuality and beauty of this rich tradition.

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Metri Holliday "Rising Star" Finalist

Metri Holliday "Rising Star" Finalist

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GMARO Magazine

GMARO Magazine

Metri Holliday was featured in GMARO Magazine's May 2022 edition. The scarves "I Love Unconditionally"  & "Trust Intuition" were selected to showcase in the Bloom section of the magazine.  Check out the...

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