Hi, I'm Metri Holliday

Why did I create Metri Holliday scarves?

It's all about crafting elegance that reminds women of their inherent worth and the luxury they truly deserve. I wanted to create something that would remind us of this every time we looked or touched something and have fun while doing so. So I decided to create silk scarves as they are very versatile just like the women who wear them.

The clothes we wear play a huge part. We dress how we’re feeling, then we act out how we dress.

There is plenty of research that shows that color affects our mood and how we choose to dress is influenced by how we feel. So I combined these concepts of color psychology, symbolism, and fashion psychology to create what I like to think are mindset scarves.

Meaning behind my designs

Each design tells a story. Take "I Am Enough," for instance. Earthy tones and animal patterns create a soothing, grounding effect, encouraging us to connect with the earth. It's a reminder to build a solid foundation for personal growth, emphasizing positive energy through affirmations. Each scarf's story serves as a wearable reminder.

Always in fashion

Silk scarves are an enduring fashion icon since their discovery, transcending generations with elegance and style.

Inspiring people comes in many forms, from books to talks. I've chosen fashion as my canvas because it's not only fun but also the versatility of silk scarves adds an extra layer of joy and value to the experience.

I’ve always loved art and fashion, and admired the way certain iconic designers have changed the way we dress or given a completely new perspective. It proves the power that fashion has.

Drawing from this rich legacy of fashion, I've embarked on a journey to inspire with vibrant patterns and the finest silk, the ultimate symbol of luxury.

Freedom is the ultimate goal

Through my experiences, I hope others can gain the courage and inspiration to explore their creative side or whatever brings them joy.

Wrap yourself with these luxurious and vibrant silk scarves

Allow our scarves to be a constant reminder: You are perfectly enough just as you are.

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