Hi, I'm Metri Holliday

I know what it feels like to be questioning your purpose, looking for meaning, wondering why you can’t break free and be yourself. Before I created these inspirational scarves, I was on a journey that many women are on. Having spent a lot of money with health and wellness coaches, I know that subtle but deep shifts in mindset absolutely have the power to transform your life.

Why did I create Metri Holliday scarves?

When I was medically diagnosed with chronic fatigue, I realized something had to change.

My high-pressure corporate career in human resources and management consultancy for a global brand had taken its toll. My body was giving in to the long hours and the pressure and it was a wake-up call for help.

The clothes we wear play a huge part. We dress how we’re feeling, then we act out how we dress.

I created these beautiful silk scarves especially to make it very easy for women to set a positive intent for their day. I believe in the power of adorning yourself with a beautiful accessory that reminds you what kind of energy you need to invite in.

This is intention-driven fashion. Our scarves are versatile, luxury statement pieces that bring meaningful purpose into your busy day.

But change is rarely easy

After 17 years of a successful career in the corporate world, it was a jolt to consider I may have to do something else.

Sometimes it takes an external life event to force you to make a change. For me it was the burn out; for others it’s a different health crisis, divorce or an empty nest. You start to wonder if you’ve wasted time, and a lot of questions follow. You’ve spent so many years in the whirlwind of professional and family life, that you’ve lost yourself. Finding yourself again can be a tough call.

Always in fashion

I was led to research the ancient energy system of chakras and how your spiritual being is intricately linked to your physical being. I started thinking about my health in a much more holistic way – not just physical, but mental and spiritual.

As I became more aware of where my feelings were coming from, I gained the ability to redirect them. An understanding of how energy flows in your body, and how to clear any blockages, helps you realize that you have everything you need within yourself – the priceless commodities of hope, positivity, joy and purpose.

Having proved this, I realized I did not need nor want to go back to my stifling corporate life.

I’ve always loved art and fashion, and admired the way certain iconic designers have changed the way we dress or given a completely new perspective. It proves the power that fashion has.

I had instead a strong desire to help other women become more aware of their feelings and where those feelings come from. You can then shift them to something more positive and create the outcome you want from that place. And guess what, with a luxurious silk accessory, you will also be having fun and looking stylish at the same time!

Freedom is the ultimate goal

You must strive to free ourselves from limiting beliefs about who you are or what you can do; confidence to express your authentic self without needing approval from anyone else; self-worth.

My journey led to the creation of Metri Holliday scarves, where purpose and meaning are packed into a beautiful, luxury accessory that will accompany you daily to help transform your mindset.

Wrap yourself with these inspirational scraves

So Metri Holliday scarves were conceived.

There is always a need for freedom - a sense of purpose, joy, self-love and self expression. They never go out of fashion. A Metri Holliday scarf is a truly evergreen fashion accessory.


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