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Luxury Silk Scarves for Women Who Want to Elevate Their Style & Mindset

Metri Holliday silk scarves were born from a desire to create something for women to wear that not only effortlessly elevates your style but transforms your mindset too.

Your destiny is freedom, creative expression and self-love; our beautiful designer silk scarves are infused with meaning and symbolism to positively inspire you - and add elegant style to your look.

Style Yourself Metri Holliday to:

Tap into your

magical side

Our designs incorporate carefully selected spiritual symbolism blended with scientific research on color, mood, how you perceive yourself and how you communicate with others. They will help you be aware of where to focus your attention to release blocked energy that may be preventing you from moving forward.

Inspired by symbolic animals, plants, precious stones and other spiritual elements, your beautiful silk scarf reminds you every day that everything you need to feel good is within yourself.

Harness the power of

fashion for a positive shift in mindset

Each design is themed around one of the seven chakras, or spiritually-inspired Mughal Royal Art. Choose the design which expresses the changes you most want to feel. Feeling restless, jealous or insecure? Your root chakra may be blocked and preventing you from feeling grounded. Wrap yourself in the I am Enough scarf, and add elegance to your outfit while placing your intent on being grounded.

Your Metri Holliday scarf is more than a unique, luxury fashion accessory. It is also a mindset accessory.

Express your authentic self with

effortless style

A silk scarf is a wardrobe staple that is always on trend. An intentionally-designed one goes further, and is a stylish and fun way to leverage more purpose into your choices. The designs are unique and bespoke to Metri Holliday, and the large size makes the scarves versatile enough to be worn as headgear, a top, scarf, belt, or knotted to make a purse. The intricate and bold designs are conversation starters. Even if you forget your purpose today, someone will comment on your scarf and bring you back to it!

Transform any outfit into an elegant style statement so you feel good and start transmitting positive energy.

Manifest abundance in

your life

The choice is yours; use the power of intention to create the state of mind, body and emotions from which you can attract abundance into your life - no matter how you define it.

A glance at your Metri Holliday scarf reminds your of your intent for today and the things you want to manifest.

Unlock your greatness and

shine your light

Be inspired to do something today that will draw positive frequencies into your day and help your light shine bright. When you wear these scarves, your light will shine bright from the inside out, and the authentic, loving, peaceful you will inspire others too.

Seek no-one’s approval but your own.

Fashion has real power; let’s harness it for our own good.

What if, instead of wearing clothes that reflect your feeling, you put on something that reflects the feeling you want?

Our mission is to help you be intentional in your choice of clothing.

By incorporating deeply spiritual symbolism and psychology research, a Metri Holliday scarf guides your thoughts and actions to invite positive energy into your life. Consciously and subconsciously, it helps you make choices that move you towards your goals. And what could be easier and more chic than throwing on a designer silk scarf?

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You deserve the best

The very best quality is the hallmark of Metri Holliday.

Our scarves could not be made with anything but the finest silk available, meticulously chosen. They are 100% mulberry silk with hand-rolled hems - the sign of luxury. We chose 16mm silk weight so that it is of durable quality, and heavy enough to be used as clothing.

Feel the sensual soft silk against your skin and remember, you deserve this.


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