I Love Unconditionally | Designer Silk Scarf


I Love Unconditionally | Designer Silk Scarf


Open the way to give and receive love - for yourself and others – by balancing your heart chakra with the I Love Unconditionally silk scarf. And when you reach unconditional love, you have arrived at inner peace.

The stylized antelope reminds you to open your heart to tenderness and empathy. Leap with it gracefully over any pettiness which gets in your way today, and your light will shine and be reflected back to you.

You will need to draw energy from the abundance, growth and calmness of nature by bringing in the green shades associated with the heart chakra. Pink speaks universally of love and affection, and we’ve selected a vibrant magenta to remind you be bold too – change up your style, break the pattern, and above all follow your heart-all with this pure silk scarf.

- Follow your heart - Break free - Spread love and light -

        I Love Unconditionally | Designer Silk Scarf



        ∙ Natural 100% silk twill scarf
        ∙ 34.5” x 34.5”
        ∙ 16mm silk
        ∙ Made in USA, printed in Italy
        ∙ Hand-rolled hem, dimensions may vary slightly

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