I Feel Vibrant | Pure Silk Scarves


I Feel Vibrant | Pure Silk Scarves


Stimulate your imagination with a designer silk scarf

Creativity and imagination flowing freely open you up to feeling friendly, playful, even flirty. And you have a better relationship with yourself and others.

The vibrant orange that radiates from the i feel vibrant scarf won’t let you forget why you chose it today

A sure way to keep your mindset on a positive track, do something to make yourself feel good, try something new, and pursue pleasure. Go to Zumba, bake a cake - attract frequencies that keep the sacral chakra, center of your creativity and passion, in balance.

The crocodile, symbolic of freedom, power and strength, reminds you to dive deep if necessary to find the answers you need.

- Take a risk - Have fun - Imagine - 


    I Feel Vibrant | Pure Silk Scarves



    ∙ Natural 100% silk twill scarf
    ∙ 34.5” x 34.5”
    ∙ 16mm silk
    ∙ Made in USA, printed in Italy
    ∙ Hand-rolled hem, dimensions may vary slightly.

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    Look great, feel even better with our silk scarves

    Metri Holliday's mulberry silk scarves are not only vibrant and beautiful, but they have a secret meaning. And this knowledge can impact how you feel every time you look at or touch your scarf silk. The art and colors behind Metri Holliday’s scarf designs are that each one has its own story to tell with a special message for the wearer.

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