A True Queen | Artistic Silk Scarf


A True Queen | Artistic Silk Scarf


You are a true queen. Not afraid to be seen, your confidence and independence comes from no longer needing to look outside yourself for validation – even though you willingly receive wise counsel.

Cloak yourself in this luxurious, regal and luxury silk scarf to connect with your divine feminine, represented by the gorgeous portrait of a queen taken from 16th century South Asian art.

Wearable art that is not only a stunningly elegant accessory but also reminds you to practice self-love, be compassionate to yourself and ultimately take responsibility for your own “happily ever after.”

A True Queen | Artistic Silk Scarf



∙ 100% natural charmeuse silk scarf
∙ 34.5” x 34.5”
∙ 16mm silk
∙ Made in USA, printed in Italy
∙ Hand-rolled hem, dimensions may vary slightly

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Made from 100% natural silk, these scarves are also great for your skin: they're breathable and biodegradable, so they won't cause any irritation or allergy issues. And if that weren't enough, 10% of every sale is donated to support mental health charities—so you can feel good about getting dressed in the morning!

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