Metri Holliday Mixes Color Therapy and Style with Its Luxury Silk Scarves

Metri Holliday Mixes Color Therapy and Style with Its Luxury Silk Scarves

The brand is an intersection of luxury and a positive mindset.

Metri Holliday designs one-of-a-kind silk scarves that not only enhance style but also elevate the wearer’s mindset. Each scarf is designed to manifest a feeling, and the feel of 100 percent mulberry silk will make anyone feel like a queen. Using vibrant colors and symbols with positive meaning, the brand creates emotive designs that speak to the beholder.

Studies show that colors affect people’s moods, suggesting that how people dress maybe giving themselves the extra edge in their professional and personal lives. A Metri Holliday scarf incorporates deeply spiritual symbolism and psychology research. It guides the wearer’s thoughts and actions to invite positive energy into their life. Consciously and subconsciously, it helps them make choices that lead them to their goals.

Metri Holliday’s purpose behind creating her luxury scarves is to encourage people to connect with their feelings and help shift that connection to something more positive. By staying in this positive vibe, individuals manifest things as they make better decisions and take action.

“Fashion has power. Let’s harness it for our own good,” shares designer Metri Holliday.

Scarves are known to be an elegant accessory. They add elegance to any outfit. They are easy to style and very versatile — often worn around the neck, the head, the waist and other parts of the body. Their possibilities are endless, making them an accessory that will never go out of style.


About Metri Holliday
Metri Holliday silk scarves were born from a desire to create something for women to wear that not only effortlessly elevates their style but also transforms their mindset.

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