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Metri Holliday

Divine Harmony | Square Silk Scarf

Height: 34.5 Inches
Width: 34.5 Inches
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Connect with the divine order.

Drench yourself in high energy violet to inspire, give you clarity and a sense of your own divinity.

The lotus flower is associated with the crown chakra, which controls your self-awareness, intuition and personal aspirations. In the beautifully ethereal Divine Harmony silk scarf we have depicted it blossoming to represent your personal transformation.

The space around it in the speaks to an openness that brings clarity and allows you to fully bloom and

With a balanced crown chakra, you’re highly conscious of your connection with the divine order, which
cannot help but bring harmony to your life.

❋ Bloom ❋ Connect ❋ Transform❋


Natural 100% silk twill scarf

34.5” x 34.5”
16mm silk
Made in USA, printed in Italy
Hand-rolled hem, dimensions may vary slightly

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